Quick Start

This guide aims to get you up and running with Grasp in as little time as possible. If you want a more in depth introduction, check out the documentation.

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Install Grasp: sudo npm install -g grasp.
  3. Run grasp --help to take a look at the help.
  4. Choose your favourite file and do grasp if <your file>.js - you just found all the if statements in your file!
  5. Run grasp if.test <your file>.js - now you’ve selected their tests!
  6. Run grasp --help syntax and choose another type of statement.
  7. Run grasp <your statement type> <your file>.js and search for that statement in your file.
  8. Read the blog post on Refactoring your JavaScript code using Grasp for more examples.
  9. Finally, read the documentation for more information.